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Maryann Cruz

I’m Maryann Cruz, Business Strategist, Coach, and Consultant.

If you’re an entrepreneur who has more questions than answers in what your next steps are to grow your business, you are in the right place. I assist entrepreneurs, like YOU, gain clarity and momentum in business through the development of thorough strategies, action plans and accountability. As your copilot, I am a partner in your entrepreneurial journey to achieving your vision.

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Consulting Services

Operations, Marketing, and more.

With five primary facets of business and an endless number of to-dos on a daily basis.  It is guaranteed that there will be gaps in your business foundation.  Those gaps can quickly become pain points if not addressed prior to scaling your business.  Some of the key areas impacted include sales, marketing, systems, and building a team. 

While you may be aware of some of the challenges in your business, you may not necessarily know why or how they even became challenges, that’s where we come in.  As consultants we will assess your business, identify the gaps and determine how we can make them into opportunities as well as develop the strategy to scale.

While most companies will focus in one area of your business, we explore it all.  Why?  Well, each area depends upon and impacts each other.  Additionally, you get access to consultants who have extensive knowledge in operations, tech, marketing, and strategy.  Ready to learn more?     

Other Services



We specialize in building custom websites. We offer a suite of comprehensive web design and development services geared toward increasing your organic traffic and sales conversions.



We offer custom print design services for most of the products we offer, including business cards, postcards, flyers, and brochures.



High-quality photographs bring our client’s marketing campaigns full circle. Marketing is all about communicating your brand’s value, and you can do so by displaying it in a visually pleasing way.