Success Sunday!  Today’s focus is networking.

Most of us attend networking events with a goal in mind, to meet other people.  Right?

Well, in my experience it’s much more than that.  Meeting people is the initial step however, building a relationship that may lead to a future collaboration, potential resource, referrals, a win-win opportunity is always my goal.

Last week I attended a couple of networking events and at the end of the event had several business cards.  While 20 years ago, I would take those cards put them in my rolodex and simply use them as needed, I feel it was a waste of time and effort.  Why network with people and call them months later in hopes they remember you… it simply does not work!

As times have changed, so has my approach which has been much more beneficial.

Here’s my current approach and welcome to hear yours:

  • Connect with everyone 🤝
  • Find out what the individual does, who their ideal customer is, and what resources it is that they may need.
  • Provide the individual with information that may be helpful to them, e.g. resources they may leverage, others they should connect with, and even upcoming events that may be beneficial
  • Provide them with information about me, what I do and explore any opportunities for collaboration or anyone they feel would benefit from my services.
  • Collect their contact information (card or simply enter into my phone)📱

Now while for some that may be the end of it for me it is not.

  • After the event, within 48 hrs. follow up with individual via LinkedIn, FaceBook business page, and e-mail.  E-mail should include where you met, what you discussed, include any information you promised and be certain to let them know how they can keep up to date with what you’re doing, e.g. ask them to subscribe to your newsletter or follow you on one of your social platforms.
  • In a couple of days, follow up to ensure they received the information and schedule time to speak via phone or in person.
  • See where it leads!  You will instantly know if it will be beneficial or simply a waste of time depending upon the individual’s response.
  • If done right it will lead to future referrals, recommendations, and an authentically great relationship.

Happy Networking! 😊