Get OUT, and stay OUT… of your comfort zone!
In speaking with other successful entrepreneurs, they often say that you must get out of your comfort zone. While that is true, I feel you need to push yourself a little further; you need to actually stay out of your comfort zone.

So how do you do this?

  1. Move toward your fears! Once you move towards what you’re afraid of and understand what brings on the fear, you’ll overcome the fear and feel a sense of achievement.
  2. Switch up your routine. Changing the time you workout, have lunch, or even the route you take to work can spark new ideas and develop new friendships.
  3. Give up control. As an entrepreneur, it’s great to delegate responsibilities. This will allow you additional time to think and create new product/service lines, take a deeper dive into your business opportunities, and build a solid team.
  4. Try something new until you feel comfortable. If your fear is public speaking. Practice makes perfect! Start presenting in front of a small group of family/friends, move on to your peers, and finally the public. Tackling this in small steps will allow you to hone your skill.
  5. Keep a list of personal/professional/business growth goals. Keeping a list will allow you to acknowledge what your goals are and determine whether or not you’re headed in the right direction to reaching your goals.

I’m ready to step out and stay out of my comfort zone! Are you?