Social Media has become a fat way to communicate with your target market. 

Whether you’re starting in business or have been in business for several years, social media has become a fast way to communicate with your target market. However, are you doing it effectively?

With so many social media platforms (old and new), how do you know where your audience is?  How do you effectively engage with your community?  Social media can be incredible with an effective growth strategy and content.

In this month’s C3 Collaborative panel discussion, ‘Getting Social on Social Media‘, we will explore all that goes into a social media strategy and managing it.

Join us to learn:

  • How social media impacts your business
  • The various ways to approach social media from a business perspective
  • Overview of the top five social media misconceptions
  • Understanding how your authenticity, strength, skills, and core values impact your social media messaging
  • How to boost your bottom-line by attracting the right clients/customers via social media
  • Social media and your brand messaging
  • Core values and how they come through on social media
  • The essentials in developing a social media strategy


  • Prati Kaufman, Marketing Energy Coach
  • Lorena Hawkins, Social Media Strategist

In collaboration with C3 Collaborative, LLC.  Register today!