Are you ready to

Make your business vision a reality?

Let’s implement practical strategies and systems to prosper in business and life.


Do you find yourself surviving instead of thriving? Constantly changing direction based on what others are doing and saying despite what YOU truly want?  Join us as we guide you in the following:

Gain clarity in business and life.

If you’ve had a vision for your business and/or life which has not come to fruition as you’ve been following someone else’s roadmap AND you’re ready to pave your own path then STARR Academy is for YOU.

Build momentum.

While you have clients, you know you need to make a change to make it a successful venture.  Let’s clarify your vision, enhancing your product/service offerings, identify your niche, develop a marketing strategy and more.  Let’s get you to where YOU desire to be, just you and me.  

Achieve Success with Strategy & Systems

Do you find yourself working IN the business and not ON the business?   Feel overwhelmed with the ever growing to-do list?  Often wondering if there’s a better way to get things done.  Discover how to achieve success with strategy and systems.

Stop being reactive

Gain insight on where you are in your business journey.

Do any of the following resonate?


Over it!

Feel overwhelmed and overworked?  Trying to do more in hopes for more.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Feel depleted from chasing the next shiny object.  Each time you see a new trend, you think it’s the next best thing… Is it?

Lack Clarity

With the many facets of business operations and trying to do it all, you feel unclear in which area of business truly needs your focus for growth and profitability.

Unpredictable Pricing/Packaging

When it comes to creating a proposal, it’s often emotionally based.  You’re unsure where your rates fall within the market.

IN The Business

You spend more than 95% of your time working IN the business and not ON it.


Following your passion into business, you’ve been taking everything as it comes however, not everything is in alignment with what you envisioned.  You’re now ready to mindfully scale your business and lead a life in alignment.

Sound like you?

You’ve been working on building a successful business and while there’s movement, there’s no true momentum.  Doing it all alone is no longer an option. 

You’re ready for more!


“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

– Seth Godin

While you may not know all the stats regarding business failures, you know you don’t want to be one.
Allow us to be your copilot. Gain an expert’s perspective, co-create strategies that will elevate your business, and gain momentum.


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What i offer you

I’m Maryann Cruz, Business Strategist, Coach, and Consultant.

If you’re an entrepreneur who has more questions than answers in what your next steps are to grow your business, you are in the right place. I assist entrepreneurs, like YOU, gain clarity and momentum in business through the development of thorough strategies, action plans and accountability. As your copilot, I am a partner in your entrepreneurial journey to achieving your vision.

We know what it takes.

From identifying your ideal client, to pricing and packaging, budgeting, marketing, streamlining processes, systems and more.  While I lead the STARR Business Academy and One-on-One coaching sessions, I have an amazing team of expert consultants.  If you’re tired of doing it all, we’re here for you.

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Attend The Academy

If you’ve had a vision for your business and/or life which has not come to fruition as you’ve been following someone else’s roadmap AND you’re ready to pave your own path to success, then STARR Academy is for YOU.

STARR Academy

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Visition + Strategy + Action = WIN

You have a dream you’re pursuing, an idea that has sprung from your soul — a calling. Talent needs tools to thrive. Your annual goals have to be guided by structure to be realized. We conceptualized our services to provide passionate entrepreneurs with tools, resources, processes, and motivation to get you past the challenges. You don’t have to go it alone.  We will help you explore all the possibilities in your business. And that’s only the beginning!





From Our Clients

We’re here to support you, regardless of where you are in your business journey.  Here’s what people are saying…

“If you are invited to a mastermind experience with lead strategist Maryann Cruz say YES!! You have just been offered a HUGE growth opportunity! I have had the distinct pleasure of collaborating with a small group of women lead by Maryann Cruz for almost a year now. She has the ability to support, challenge and teach her clients in a way that helps them see a BIGGER picture of themselves. I have found her tools of mind mapping, goals setting strategies and productivity tactics to be truly useful in helping me to up level my revenue possibilities.

My favorite activity is the “hot seat” when you can ask for feedback from ALL the mastermind participants and glean their expert advice. I would highly recommend this process and with Maryann as your guide, you will surely gain a great insight to your dreams of success. No matter what they may be!”

Mary Carangelo

Fashion Therapist, Independent Cabi Stylist

“I had the privilege of being a member of Maryann’s Mastermind. There are two things that made this mastermind so successful.

Maryann knows business and understands how to help an entrepreneur get from point A to B. She asks the tough questions to create a shift and the appropriate next steps.

Maryann selected an amazing group of female professionals. These women are a think tank of brilliance all with the same goal of moving their businesses forward while offering support to the group.

Thank you Maryann for the guidance you have given me on this entrepreneurial journey. And thank you for the opportunity to participate in your Mastermind. It has been an invaluable resource. The meetings are put on the calendar in pen. They are not to be missed!”

Pamela Mulhearn

Founder, Her Podium

“Working with Maryann Cruz means 10x the productivity. Her mastermind helped me with every aspect of my business. She made sure as a group we executed the plan too because she knows a plan is only effective when implemented efficiently. I really loved learning how to mind map because that alone can be applied to sort out ideas, gain clarity on next steps and even plan a content calendar.

Sitting in the hot seat was my favorite session, by having like-minded entrepreneurs dive into my business and challenge me helped me come up with solutions and tactics that I could have never come up on my own. Maryann has your back, always.”

Prati Kaufman

Marketing Energy Coach

“Maryann Cruz is magical! Simply getting an invitation to join her coaching mastermind group changed the course of my journey and led to amazing opportunities for my business (like speaking gigs and published books)! She has an intuitive ability to bring like-minded women together and to guide your business to the next level. And she is starting a new group soon, so I say get in touch with Maryann Cruz – Business Strategist if you want magic in your business too!”

Kristi Sullivan

Human Design + Self Care, Author, Kristi Sullivan